1600 points - Vacuum pump




The vacuum wine seal helps to preserve the flavor and aroma of the wine after opening. Use the vacuum pump, breathe in the air and enjoy the flavor of the wine again later! Place the stopper in the bottle and start pumping to extract air from the bottle and create a vacuum, slowing down the oxidation of the drink.

The product will be sent with your next purchase after 
collecting enough loyalty points.


Not available for purchase!

Buy as a registered client from Buonvino web store and after each purchase you will see 1% * of the value of your purchase as a loyalty point. Points will be automatically credited to your points collection account after the order is closed. The points can be used in the value of 1 point = 1 HUF. Scroll to the bottom of the page for detailed program rules.

Loyalty points are automatically generated when you purchase with a registration. Points will be automatically credited to the account for registration after the order is closed (payment, receipt). The written points will be deleted automatically if the customer cancels the order entitling to the point. We will inform our registered customers about the credit of the points by e-mail, which can then be used freely (in the value of 1 point = 1 HUF) only for the products on . The system notification is independent of the newsletter subscription, so we will also send this notification to customers who have not requested a newsletter. After logging in, the current point balance can be tracked in the profile menu item. Points cannot be used for another product. Invoices entitling to loyalty points do not indicate the value of the points to be credited based on the purchase and any related information.

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